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About Larasan

Larasan improves the quality of life for people worldwide—through development, marketing, and distribution of products directed at the pain relief (analgesic) market, with world-class attention to safety, quality, efficacy and affordability.

Mission Statement

Larasan conceptualizes, develops, and manufactures Over The Counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products for analgesics and general health. Our developments are excellent, economical, expeditious, efficacious, and enduring while maintaining a humanitarian and charitable focus on our communities globally.

Products That Work

Larasan's easy-to-use products are affordable for consumers and easily distributed. Larasan is constantly searching the globe for the latest in health and well-being solutions to expand our portfolio. We are constantly working to add new and innovative products to our distribution channel.

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FLEX24™ Sports Patch
FLEX24™ Pain Pen
The BugPatch®
FLEX24™ Performance Tape

Video Testimonials

Dupuytren's Contracture

Edyth tries the 24-Hour Pain Patch™ and is virtually pain-free moments later.

Chronic Knee Pain

Chuck tries the 24-Hour Pain Patch™ on his knee and in 1 hour, the pain is gone.

Foot Pain

Rich tries 24-Hour Pain Patch™ on his foot and is pain-free 15 hours later.

Back Pain

Robert suffers from a slipped disc and pinched nerve and is virtually pain-free just hours after trying the 24-Hour Pain Patch™.

Larasan and Flex24 products are registered with the FDA.
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