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About Us

Mission Statement

Larasan conceptualizes, develops, and manufactures Over The Counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products for analgesics and general health that are excellent, economical, expeditious, efficacious, and enduring while maintaining a humanitarian and charitable focus on our communities globally.

Larasan was formed with a global mission of improving the quality of life for people.

The Company’s business model focuses its resources on the development, marketing, and distribution of products directed at the pain relief (analgesic) market, while paying attention to safety, quality, efficacy, and pricing.

Larasan is committed to the challenges ahead in order to achieve profitable growth in every market niche it enters, while concurrently keeping a keen eye on shareholder value.

Manufacturing Process

Larasan only works with FDA approved manufacturers located throughout the world. One in particular has 3 dedicated cGMP compliant API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) Manufacturing Clean Rooms, can output 100-250kg and is an FDA approved manufacturing facility.

Another manufacturing partner helps us to identify, develop and deliver API, Intermediates and Fine chemicals that are in tune with our vision and direction.

Lastly we work with a group that aids in Clinical and Bio analytical Services. This is crucial so that we can maintain a full service approach to ensuring we are in compliance with regulatory requirements and provide quality, accurate and timely results which demonstrate efficacy and reliable data to support our products. This group has a 72 bed clinical facility and is equipped to execute various clinical trial services.

Larasan and Flex24 products are registered with the FDA.
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