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Larasan and its products have a wide range of clients from young to old:


  • Our sports performance line of products will help athletes to achieve higher levels of success in their endeavors. Our specially formulated products are focused on their specific needs.
  • Transdermal liniments aid in athletic performance by reducing the chance for injury and they provide an easy to use transfer system.
  • Both roll-on liniments and transdermal patches aid in the recovery from workouts and from pain. They have also proven extremely effective when dealing with injuries like tendonitis.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

  • Our easy to apply system helps anyone who suffers from joint pain or from chronic pain like arthritis or bursitis.

Every Day Use

  • Our products are effective for people of all ages and walks of life for everyday use.
  • Over The Counter pain relief that is simple to apply and has virtually no contraindications.
  • Quick response and effective.
  • Extremely Portable and simple to apply.
  • Very Inexpensive.

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Larasan and Flex24 products are registered with the FDA.
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