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Larasan products are available directly through our clients and also via a wide variety of global retailers and wholesale chains. Our current distributors include small local stores and large National Chains throughout the world. We intend to continue growing our network of outlets as our product line expands and the interest in our company continues to grow. We are always looking to partner with the right organizations, please give us a call if you are interested in adding our innovative product line to your offerings.

Recently, we signed an agreement with a wholesale distribution network that supplies 25,000 grocery and convenience stores nationwide.


Larasan has committed to expanding distribution on a global scale. To achieve that objective, marketing efforts will continue to be product focused. An aggressive Internet-based program will be launched shortly in conjunction with joint advertising campaigns, market development programs, cooperative advertising segments and infomercials. Point of Purchase displays for each of our retail oriented products will be created helping our retail partners to sell through and building brand awareness for each of our products.

The company is working with several large affiliate networks to increase distribution amongst their customers in addition to a significant Internet marketing organization.

We are working with several companies to aid us in building our brands. One such company is an award-winning, full-service, integrated media and production company that specializes in launching brand names. They have skills in production, marketing and “brand buzz” awareness programs and have a history of creating branded entertainment TV shows and infomercials.

We will be working on creating a Road Show, helping us to create awareness of our products, channels and company. This will be done via partnering with complimentary companies, news distribution, event marketing, Internet blitz and physical show attendance.

An Internet Marketing Company is planning a total program that will include regular press releases, articles, product reviews, Search Engine Optimization, product announcements and regular placements in directories from all over the world.

Larasan and Flex24 products are registered with the FDA.
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