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Flex24 SportsPatch™ – Sheldon, a Registered Nurse, tells of overnight relief from elbow pain.

“About two years ago, I began experiencing pain in my left elbow that gradually increased in severity until it interfered with playing with my young granddaughter and other routine tasks of daily living. After x-rays and a diagnosis of arthritis, I was referred to a rheumatologist who tried a course of anti-inflammatory medication then steroid injections. Nothing helped and, if anything, the steroid injections made the pain worse. I was told that nothing more could be done.

“As a Registered Nurse with many years’ experience, “nothing more can be done” was a phrase I found unacceptable, as unacceptable as the pain that was now keeping me awake at night and interfering with my life. My professional training had left me skeptical of non-traditional medicine, however, when offered a sample of the Flex24 SportsPatch™, in desperation I dismissed my skepticism and agreed to try it. Am I ever glad I did!

“The first night I tried one, it worked so well at relieving the pain, I actually slept through the night. The same thing the next night, and on and on. During the day, I now could function and routine tasks, such a turning the steering wheel in my car, were virtually pain free.”

“When I returned to my rheumatologist for a routine follow-up visit, she was very happy that I had found relief with a product that didn’t involve ingesting medication with possible harmful side effects and expressed great interest in learning more about the pain patches.

“I cannot wait until this pain-relieving product is readily available so that others with painful conditions can find the same relief I have.”

Flex24 SportsPatch™ – Mike, an MMA fighter and rugby player, no longer needs narcotics for pain relief.

“I have been dealing with pain from sports injuries such as rugby and mixed martial arts (MMA) for years now…most particularly my lower back, rotator cuff, and knee (torn meniscus). Physical therapy was helping until I suffered a stroke. Not able to do my therapy anymore, my doctors had me on morphine and oxycodone for the pain. A gentleman, who I now consider a very dear friend, gave me these patches to try. Thank you, my friend! Thank you, Larasan! Thank God!

“I couldn’t believe how well these patches worked! I’m hooked! On the patches…no longer the narcotics!!! I’ve used Lidoderm patches in the past, but they never seemed to give me relief, and they wouldn’t stay on worth a darn.

“The first time my wife put a Flex24 SportsPatch™ on my back I felt a warming sensation within just a few minutes, and within about 15 minutes, I was shocked! It didn’t totally eliminate the pain, but helped so much that I didn’t need a pill the rest of the day.”

“Woke up the next morning, showered, and still felt fine. About 32 hours after I put the patch on, my back was getting a bit sore, so I asked my wife to put another one on. To both of our surprise, the first patch was STILL on my back…even after sleeping and showering!!!

“I would highly recommend to anyone with any type of pain, as I have a few, if you do nothing else to help yourself or a loved one….TRY THIS PATCH!!! I’m sold, as is everyone else I’ve talked to that’s trued one. I can’t wait to try the Flex24 PainPen™ with the patch!!! Just ordered it!

“My thanks to everyone at Larasan!!! Thank you!!

(PS – I’m no longer taking narcotics thanks to your patch.)”

24-Hour Pain Patch™ – Edyth gets relief from Dupuytren’s Contracture.

Edyth tries the 24-Hour Pain Patch™ and is virtually pain-free moments later.

24-Hour Pain Patch™ – Chuck experiences chronic pain in his knee experiences quick relief.

Chuck tries the 24-Hour Pain Patch™ on his knee and in 1 hour, the pain is gone.

24-Hour Pain Patch™ – Robert’s pain is eased from a slipped disc and pinched nerve.

Robert suffers from a slipped disc and pinched nerve and is virtually pain-free just hours after trying the 24-Hour Pain Patch™.

24-Hour Pain Patch™ – Rich is an athlete with foot pain who found relief.

Rich tries 24-Hour Pain Patch™ on his foot and is pain-free 15 hours later.

24-Hour Pain Patch™ – Bill experiences hip pain, finds relief.

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