Our Vision

The core vision for Larasan Pharmaceutical Corporation is to draw inspiration from nature and utilize bio-science to improve health.


Nature may be defined as the force regarded as causing and regulating the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including all life and its current understanding of kingdoms (or classifications) including plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. (Our current understanding actually further classifies these kingdoms into further categories).  Nature has driven evolution on this planet for billions of years, and Larasan does not ignore this.  If left alone, planet Earth keeps itself healthy using fundamental laws that we may call nature.


Bio-Science is any science that deals with the biological aspects of living organisms.  Current technology is increasing at an exponential rate, and we are able to new technologies to help further understand why life works the way it does, and thus it is very useful to use bio-science to find ways of becoming healthier, but not at the cost of ignoring the guiding principles of nature.


Health may be defined as being sound in body, mind, and spirit, wherein there is freedom from any disease or ailment, and it is something we all want.  However, we also have to consider the health of our environment when trying to improve our health as these are interrelated.

With this vision, Larasan’s mission is to work together and partner with local communities, governments, and other non-governmental organizations to offer innovative products and solutions applying cutting edge intellectual property and industry-leading best practices to raise the overall standard of living, health, security and well-being of targeted communities.

The Company and Business Strategy


Larasan Pharmaceutical Corporation, a Florida corporation established in October 2002, was initially started to develop a more effective aspirin.  Larasan’s initial work on a safer higher-dosage aspirin gave favorable results, but the Company sought for more effective pain management solutions in 2012, which could be administered safely, at a lower cost, taking less time to develop, and without side effects.  This development ran into roadblocks, and then Larasan shifted its focus to help develop a series of transdermal (through the skin) analgesic (pain relief) products based on centuries of effective use of herbal medicines used in the East.

Thereafter, Larasan has increased its product portfolio through its own development and through strategic alliances to bring forth other products guided by its vision.